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How to Read the Odds of a Bet in 12bet Bonus

With over 2.5 billion players all over the world, cricket is one of the most played sports on the planet, coming in second only to soccer in terms of popularity. Because there are so many different ways to wager, it is important for sports fans and gamblers of all experience levels to be able to place wagers on cricket matches through platforms like 12bet Bonus. In this guide, we will go over the different types of betting that can be done on cricket, the individual bets that can be placed on 12bet Bonus , how to read the odds of a bet, and different strategies for how to win money betting on cricket.

Reading the Odds of Cricket Matches

The process of reading the odds for a standard cricket match is not dissimilar to that of any other major sport. The most common method for wagering on cricket is known as a moneyline bet, which can also be accomplished by selecting the sportsbook that will host the game. The following are the odds that would be offered for a moneyline bet on a cricket match:

Australia -200

+1 70 for South Africa

The odds that are displayed above are American odds, which indicate that the favorite is denoted with a minus sign (-), while the underdog is denoted with a plus sign (+). In the previous illustration, if a bettor placed a wager of $100 on the underdog team, South Africa, and that team ended up winning, the bettor would have made a profit of $170 (they would have received their original wager of $100 plus an additional $170). If an individual were to wager $100 on the -200 favorite, Australia, and win, they would make a profit of $50 (they would get back their initial wager of $100 plus an additional $50).

The odds can also be presented in other formats, such as decimal odds (1.9), in which your potential return is multiplied by the odds listed, or fractional odds (3/2), which represent in a ratio the amount that you would win in comparison to the amount that you would have to bet.

Check out our odds calculator if you want to determine how much money you would win or if you want to convert between different odds formats.

How to Win Your Bets When Betting On Cricket

Knowing how to place bets on a cricket match is essential to having any kind of success when wagering on cricket, just like it is for any other sport. It is essential to have knowledge of the sport, the players, and the various competition formats; however, if you are unfamiliar with the various formats of online sports betting, it will be much more difficult for you to successfully bet on cricket and win your wagers.

Following is an explanation of the most common types of online gambling, as well as the various ways in which one can wager on a cricket match.

Bookmaker of Your Choice

As was just discussed, the most common type of wager placed in cricket, just like in every other major sport, is a moneyline bet on the match's odds at the sportsbook. Depending on the format of the competition, some online sportsbooks allow customers to place wagers on a draw. One common type of cricket wager is known as a "double chance" bet, and in this type of wager, a bettor can place money on either the winning or drawing team of a match.

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